Aramid (Kevlar®) Unidirectional Fabrics

Unidirectional Kevlar® fabric is a type of non-woven fabric that has all thread going in the same direction. Unlike woven fabrics or other non-woven fabrics, this allows for greater stiffness in a singular direction. Kevlar® Uni-Web S-Glass is a new and easy to apply fiberglass reinforcement. It consists of a non-woven sheet of unidirectional S-glass fiberglass fibers that are held in position by a fine spider web of polymer fibrils that rest on the surface. The fibril or web system allows the fabric to be cut easily, trimmed or slit, giving clean edges with absolutely no fraying. The fibers lie flat and straight, and cannot shift or bunch up, as often happens with uni-stitched fabrics.

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Aramid Uni-Web