Resin Infusion Supplies

Resin infusion, also called vacuum infusion, is a process where a part has the air vacuumed out and then resin is released into the part while it still has suction power. This process is great for use with parts that are one-off or when you don’t need more than 100 identical parts a year. Resin infusion reduces the amount of resin that is used in a part compared to a hand layup, this helps to keep the final product lightweight.

17 Products

Lantor Soric® XF
$25.00 to $1,295.00
Breather Cloth
$193.00 to $579.00
Lantor Soric® LRC
$830.00 to $1,540.00
MTI® Hose
$23.32 to $528.00
Green Infusion Mesh
$55.15 to $354.00
Red Infusion Mesh
$100.00 to $635.00
High Stretch Bag Film - Green
$671.30 to $2,272.08
Econostitch® Peel Ply
$645.00 to $1,935.00
Econolease Super Release Ply
$600.00 to $711.00