Composite Tools & Supplies

ACP Composites supplies a variety of vacuum bagging supplies, cutting implements and resin mixing tools and applicators to the aide in composite construction. Our tools and supplies make cutting composite fibers, building composite structures easy and effortless. Choose from the most basic tools to the advanced cutting implements.

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Quick Lock Seals
$6.00 to $18.00
$2.75 to $8.50
Yellow Sealant Tape
$7.50 to $192.00
Gray Sealant Tape
$7.50 to $254.00
Shrink Tape
$16.00 to $20.00
Black Sealant Tape
$9.90 to $267.00
Spiral Tubing
$10.75 to $150.00
Self-Healing Cutting Mat
This is a New ItemNew!
Acid Brushes
$1.25 to $20.90