Non-Woven Fabrics

ACP carries a line of non-woven fabrics made with carbon fiber, fiberglass, aramid and aero-veil fibers. Non-woven fabrics are made with loosely connected fibers that are bonded together. This type of fabric can help create a resin-rich surface that helps reduce micro-cracks from forming and increases chemical stability. They have excellent formability, drape and wet out evenly.

12 Products

Fiberglass Surfacing Veils
$567.25 to $1,285.45
Carbon Fiber Uni-Web
$1,423.70 to $1,585.50
S-Glass Uni-Web
$1,163.70 to $1,625.45
Aramid Uni-Web
Aramid Surfacing Veil
$1,367.00 to $1,910.00
Carbon Fiber Uni-Web
$858.33 to $1,597.95
Aramid Uni-Web Discontinued
$157.00 to $1,382.50