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EZ-Lam is an epoxy laminating resin that is specially formulated for use with composite materials. The two-part system is blended for use with fiberglass, carbon fiber, aramid (Kevlar®) and hybrid fabrics. Its low viscosity allows it to flow easily into the weave of the fabric and it cures to a hard, high strength gloss finish that can be easily sanded. The cure time will vary based on the hardener selected, ambient temperature and laminate thickness.

Short Shelf Life:
Lot: 100521-4/093021-1, Expires: 10/6/2022

30 Minute Cure: When combined, the mixture provides a pot life of 30 minutes at 75°F and is tack free in four hours at 75°F. The resin will be fully cured in 24 hours at 75-80°F. EZ-Lam 30 is ideal for use in small parts that can be laid up within the 30 minute working time.

60 Minute Cure: When combined, the mixture provides a pot life of 60 minutes at 75°F and is tack free in nine hours at 75°F. The resin will be fully cured in 24 hours at 75-80°F. EZ-Lam 60 is ideal where extended layup time is required. It should not be used when the ambient temperature is below 65 °F, unless the part can be heated to 75°F to activate the cure cycle.

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KEVLAR® is a registered trademark of E.I. du Pont de Nemours and Company and is used with permission.


Physical Properties
Mix Ratio by Volume:
2 parts EZ-Lam A to 1 part EZ-Lam B
Mix Ratio by Weight:
100 parts EZ-Lam A to 44 parts EZ-Lam B
150g Pot Life (30 Minutes):
30 minutes @ 75°F
150g Pot Life (60 Minutes):
60 minutes @ 75°F
Tack Free:
4 Hours
24 Hours @ 75-80°F
Semi Opaque, Light Straw
Shelf Life:
Twelve months at room temperature.
Technical Properties (30 Minutes)
Viscosity, Mixed:
700 CPS
Durometer D:
88 Shore
Specific Gravity:
1.10 gm/cc (Laminate Data 7781 10 ply)
Tensile Strength:
56,000 psi
Flexural Modulus:
61,500 psi
45,000 psi
Max Temperature:
140 °F
Technical Properties (60 Minutes)
Viscosity, Mixed:
700 CPS
Durometer D:
88 Shore
Specific Gravity:
1.10 gm/cc (Laminate Data 7781 10 ply)
Tensile Strength:
55,000 psi
Flexural Modulus:
63,500 psi
44,000 psi
Max Temperature:
140 °F

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification. EZ-LAM may be thinned with 91% isopropyl alcohol for applications where lower viscosity is desired. Avoid contact of resin or hardener with skin or eyes. Wear disposable gloves and eye protection. Avoid breathing vapors, apply under good ventilation. If contact occurs, consult physician.


    Tip #11-13: Never pour a single layer of epoxy resin that is thicker than 1/8 inch.

    When pouring the resin, most manufacturers suggest a single layer of resin should be no thicker than 1/8 inch. Thicker amounts can quickly overheat or “exotherm” during the cure cycle. If a final thickness greater than 1/8 inch is required, wait until the first layer is cured to the point where it’s firm and about as tacky as masking tape. Then apply the next layer on top.

    Tip #02-13: Wax paper or non-stick aluminum foil does not stick to resin.

    Often, “out of bag composite work” requires the use of external materials such as clamps or soft wood to hold materials in place as resin cures. To prevent these materials from adhering to the resin, a piece of wax paper can be used to separate the materials.

    As explained in “How to Fabricate Automotive Fiberglass and Carbon Fiber Parts,” when repairing a fiberglass-bodied car fender, the use of wax paper placed between the wet resin surface and clamps keeps the clamps from sticking to the fender and damaging the completed part.

    Tip #09-12: Use a large surface area container, when mixing resin, to increase its pot life.

    The pot life of a resin is determined by the working temperature, mass of the mixed material and the choice of hardener. Hardeners are available with a wide range of pot lifes and cure times.

    Variations in the mass of mixed material and the ambient temperature can affect the length of the pot life. Pot life is measured in a lab with specific parameters. If those parameters are adjusted, the pot life can be increased or decreased. One method to increase the pot life is to mix the material in a shallow pan placed in an ice bath. This gives the material a large surface area which slows down the chemical reaction of the epoxy and lowers the overall temperature.

    As a rule of thumb for epoxies, cooler temperatures and large surface areas will lengthen the pot life, while warmer temperatures and small surface areas will speed up the pot life.

    Tip #03-12: Shorten the curing cycle and enhance the resin properties by warming the E-Z Lam Resin as it cures.

    Warming the E-Z Lam resin as it cures can enhance the resin properties, provide a better performance laminate and shorten the curing cycle by around 25%. Placing an electric blanket over the entire vacuum bagging layup during the curing process is a simple and convenient way to warm the resin as it cures.

How to Guides

Preventing Bubbles in Epoxy Resin


Q: Can EZ-Lam be thinned?

A:For thinner laminates, Acetone or Toluene can be used for applications where lower viscosity is desired.

Q: Can 91% isopropyl alcohol be used to thin the resin?

A: There has been success but is not recommended because of the water in the mix. The solvent must evaporate in order to have complete curing and if it doesn't fully evaporate the solvent will be trapped and work as a Plastisizer. If all of the solvents evaporate the properties should be the same as if no thinners were added.

Q: How much surface area can EZ-Lam Resin cover?

A: 1 oz. of EZ-Lam can cover approximately 100 square inches.

Q: What is the best solvent for cleaning tools used with EZ-Lam Resin?

A: Acetone, or alcohol because it thins the resin enough for cleaning.


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