PRO-SET Epoxies Products & Supplies

PRO-SET Epoxy products and supplies are strong, lightweight, and durable composites that meet your every goal in composite performance. These multifaceted and versatile epoxies can be utilized for a variety of purposes, from laminating to infusion, tooling to assembly, all while providing you with improved handling characteristics, excellent cure profiles, and rapid order fulfillment at competitive prices. That is why we at ACP Composites are proud to distribute PRO-SET products. Shop our wide array of competitively priced PRO-SET resins, adhesives and supplies today.

8 Products

PRO-SET LAM-135 Resin
$213.60 to $762.00
PRO-SET LAM-125 Resin
$205.60 to $734.70
PRO-SET Infusion Hardener 210
$128.29 to $350.27