Carbon Fiber Uni Roll Wrapped Tubing

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$18.81 to $253.00
$18.81 to $253.00



ACP’s Carbon Fiber Uni Roll Wrapped Tubing is manufactured by wrapping carbon fiber unidirectional prepreg tape onto a mandrel in multiple layers and orientations and cured at high temperatures and pressure.

The unidirectional layers are oriented in a 0/90 degree orientation with the majority of the fibers positioned in the longitudinal access. Fibers oriented at 90 degrees (hoop) are wrapped around the circumference to provide high crushing strength and stiffness. The fibers that run along the length, in the 0 degree direction, provide high bending strength and stiffness. This type of construction offers a high stiffness to weight ratio tube with increased bending stiffness and axial strength, a high crush resistance and tight inner diameter (ID) tolerances.

All of our roll wrapped tubes feature a slight rib texture spiraling along their length where shrink-tape has been used in the manufacturing process. If need be, this can easily be sanded and polished away.

Uses Include
  • Aerospace Spars & Beams
  • UAV Housing Components
  • Frames & Supports
  • Structural Components
  • Interior Design
  • Automation Equipment
  • Recreational Equipment


Physical Properties
Outer Diameter (OD):
Inner Diameter (ID):
Wall Thickness (WT):
Natural dark gray to black
Manufacturing Process:
Roll Wrapped
0°/90° unidirectional orientation
    Unidirectional Carbon Fiber
    Carbon Fiber 2x2 Twill
Resin Type:
Epoxy with built in UV inhibitor
Fiber Type:
33 to 35 MSI standard modulus carbon fiber
Fiber Volume:
Gloss with slight spiral rib texture
Thermal Properties:
150°F maximum
Technical Properties
Tensile Strength:
275 ksi
Tensile Modulus:
17 msi
Compressive Strength:
132 ksi
Compressive Modulus:
14.5 msi
Torsional Strength:
15 msi
Torsional Modulus:
1.3 msi
Fatigue Strength:
90 (106)
(-0.24 in/in/°F)(106)
Glass Transition Temp:
1.52 g/cm3

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification.

*We can create custom layup options to meet your design requirement.



Tips on how to use this product in certain applications are coming soon.

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How to Guides

The Do's and Don'ts of Cutting Composite Tubes and Rods


Q: How is the wall thickness calculated?

A: Subtract the inner diamter (ID) from the outer diamer (OD) and divide that number by 2. Example: 1.624"OD-1.50"OD= .124". .124"/2=.062" Wall thickness (WT)


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Our design and manufacturing team can work with you to fabricate custom tubes.

  • Fiber Selection
  • Manufacturing Process
  • Layup/Construction
  • Surface Finish
  • Outer Diameters from .250" to 3.00"*
  • Lengths up to 8'*
  • Finishing

*Available size options are contingent on tooling and material availability. Minimum order quantities may apply.

  • CNC Machining
  • Cutting
  • Slotting
  • Drilling
  • Grinding
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ACP can cut stock rods and tubes to custom sizes in-house to hold tight tolerances for convenience and availability.

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