Nylon Bagging Films - Wrightlon® 7400

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Airtech’s Wrightlon® 7400 Nylon Vacuum Bagging Films are high performance bagging materials generally used as the top layer in a vacuum bag layup. With good elongation and a tear and puncture resistant construction, these tubes can be used in conventional vacuum bagging, resin infusion and prepreg part manufacturing.

Style: TUBE- Lay-Flat Tube
The distinctive tube configuration reduces the likelihood of leaks along the existing seams. When sealed with high temperature sealant tape, the Vacuum Bag Tube is suitable in vacuum bagging applications up to 400°F (204°C). For room temperature applications or low heat bagging up to 125°F (51°C), the open ends can be sealed with ACP’s Quick Lock Seals or room temperature sealant tape.

Style: FILM - Sheeting
The single layer configuration enables this film to be semi-flexible. It will confirm to slight curves without the need for pleating. The Vacuum Bag Films requires sealant tape for sealing. When high temperature sealant tape is used, the Vacuum Bag Film is suitable in vacuum bagging applications up to 400°F (204°C)


Physical Properties
Shelf Life:
Unlimited when stored in original packaging at 72°F
Airtech International
Manufacturer Part Number:
Wrightlon® 7400
Technical Properties
Maximum Temperature Use:
Tensile Strength:
8000 psi, ASTM D 882
Elongation @ Break:
400%, ASTM D 882
Flammability (self extinguishing):
Yes, ATP-5034
Materials to avoid:
Phenolic Resins/Strong Oxidizers

Please note: All data to be used as a guide only; not a specification. The maximum use temperature is dependent upon the duration at maximum temperature and is process specific, Airtech recommneds testing prior to use. Wrightlon® is a registered trademark of Airtech Advanced Materials Group and is used with permission.



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